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We should all know the importance of smoke alarms in any property by now and their ability to save lives. Commercial premises and domestic properties are bound by different laws and many homes are still without smoke alarms at all. Not only do smoke alarms need to be the correct type but they need to be installed in the correct locations too.

Smartlec can supply, install and fully test smoke alarms for any type of premises including residential, retail businesses, nursing homes and industrial locations like factories and warehouses. Give us a call to have your fire protection up to Australian standards.

Smoke Alarm Solutions - Getting the Right Type

There are 3 main smoke alarm types, but 2 main choices as to how they detect smoke and fire which affects their cost and usability.

  • Ionisation Alarms - These smoke alarms detect invisible smoke particles given off by fast-burning fires like burning clothes, bedding and paper etc. They are very sensitive so are not ideal inside or close to kitchens as they can be falsely triggered by cooking. They are well suited to bedrooms or landings though
  • Photoelectric Alarms - This type of smoke alarm is better at detecting large particles from slow-smouldering fires like electrical wires. Perfect for use in all household rooms except kitchens but can be used nearby
  • Interconnected Smoke Alarms - Some smoke alarms are interlinked or interconnected, so when one alarm is triggered the others will sound. This makes for greater safety but is also a good idea in larger properties especially businesses and factories etc. These alarms cost more but don’t need complicated wiring to install as they communicate wirelessly. They don’t change how they detect smoke, just how they trigger the alarm

Nearly all smoke alarms are battery-operated, some have replaceable batteries (some without) and can last up to 10 years. For more advice on the best alarms for your property give Smartlec a call.

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Mountain Made Construction
Mountain Made Construction
22:55 01 Jun 23
Approached Josh from Smartlec to work alongside us in a renovation at Swansea, awesome team to deal with. Will be approaching them for future work
George Salem
George Salem
08:51 27 Apr 23
Jason P.
Jason P.
22:04 26 Apr 23
Josh and his team are amazing, they have helped me a few times over the years. They are very professional (arrive when they say they will arrive, time management, pricing and service), they will work with you to achieve the best outcome and they are very easy to communicate with.Basically a great team and highly recommended.
Veronica Sestic
Veronica Sestic
01:32 24 Apr 23
A fabulous service provider. Always willing and available to help with any electrical service.
John Kathner
John Kathner
04:00 22 Apr 23
Required an EV Charger installed. The job was done within 24 hours of me receiving the charger.The work done was neat, the installer pleasant and polite and the job site left clean. Highly recommended.
Kim Maggiotto
Kim Maggiotto
07:42 29 Jan 23
Polite, punctual and professional. We have found our new electricians!
trent eveleigh
trent eveleigh
01:25 29 Jan 23
Fantastic company.I highly recommend theses guys for any electrical services you require.Thank you again Josh !Absolutely fantastic company, and price.Josh your commitment to your services are second to none
jon hartley
jon hartley
08:04 10 Nov 22
Great service , punctual , professional , knowledgeable. Have used Smartlec on a number of occasions and am extremely happy with the work.
Kerry Stewart
Kerry Stewart
07:40 10 Nov 22
What a great experience, I had some electrical work needed doing, I rang Smartlec… most times you cant get someone to come on the day, but they sent an electrician within a couple of hours!, now thats service! I fully recommend them.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson
07:15 10 Nov 22
Knowledgeable tradesmen and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend 100%

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