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Home and business EV Charging stations are becoming increasingly important as time goes on. As we transition to more electric cars then there will be more need for more EV Chargers. Having a home electric vehicle charging station is the ultimate convenience, allowing you to charge your electric car whenever you want and take advantage of cheaper electricity during the night. Smartlec can usually install a charging station in a matter of a few hours if your switchboard consumer unit) needs no modifications. Modern units are elegant and unobtrusive and we can advise on the right type for your needs.

Types of EV Chargers

Level 1

Slow (Trickle) Chargers: These are the most basic and can be plugged into almost any standard power point so usually don't need a switchboard upgrade. They provide up to 2kW of power giving approximately 2km of range for every 10 minutes of charging.

Level 2

Single Phase: These are fast chargers providing up to 7kW of power meaning about 7km of range per 10 minutes of charging. They will require amps to run meaning they will commonly require a switchboard upgrade.

3 Phase: Providing up to 22W these systems will provide 20 km of range per 10 minutes of charging. They will require a 3 Phase supply which most common homes do not have but provide massive convenience for multiple cars and serious drivers. The supply is also cleaner and more efficient.

Smart EV Charging Solutions

Smart EV charging stations bring a whole new series of benefits ranging from improved control and insight, to automatically balancing energy usage, and in the future, even electricity storage. Smart charging allows for:

  • Collection of data from your EV charging sessions
  • Scheduling car charging sessions
  • Update your smart charging station automatically
  • Access remote troubleshooting

EV Charging for Businesses

Small and large businesses can benefit from having an EV charging station installed. If you are a hotel or have a large amount of staff then the benefits are obvious. you’ll keep your customers and your employees happier. The convenience and security of accessing EV charging will only increase, as will your employee's and customers' loyalty.

  • Increase your property’s appeal to buyers, tenants & customers
  • Take advantage of an emerging market and gain more customers and loyalty
  • Cloud software available that’s compatible with nearly any device
  • Don’t just keep your customers and staff satisfied, keep them happy

Why Choose Smartlec as Industrial Electricians?

Over 30 years combined experience
2 teams and equipped vehicles
Level 2 certified electricians
Excellent reputation
Wide service area
High-quality work
Fully qualified
Fully insured

Will I need to Upgrade My Switchboard?

Possibly, we won’t know until we see it. Some homes have enough power but the majority of homes with older switchboards won’t comply. The upgrade will also benefit your home’s electrical safety and isn’t a major obstacle when considering the benefits of a home charging station.

EV Charging Station Repairs

If you already have an existing system that needs some maintenance or has had some damage then Smartlec can repair most EV charging systems to keep them working efficiently and safely so just give us a call if you have a problem.

Free Quotes

We give free quotes for all our work in writing if requested. We don’t pressure or hassle you either, we understand the needs of our customers. Many prices can be estimated over the phone so just give us a call.

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Mountain Made Construction
Mountain Made Construction
22:55 01 Jun 23
Approached Josh from Smartlec to work alongside us in a renovation at Swansea, awesome team to deal with. Will be approaching them for future work
George Salem
George Salem
08:51 27 Apr 23
Jason P.
Jason P.
22:04 26 Apr 23
Josh and his team are amazing, they have helped me a few times over the years. They are very professional (arrive when they say they will arrive, time management, pricing and service), they will work with you to achieve the best outcome and they are very easy to communicate with.Basically a great team and highly recommended.
Veronica Sestic
Veronica Sestic
01:32 24 Apr 23
A fabulous service provider. Always willing and available to help with any electrical service.
John Kathner
John Kathner
04:00 22 Apr 23
Required an EV Charger installed. The job was done within 24 hours of me receiving the charger.The work done was neat, the installer pleasant and polite and the job site left clean. Highly recommended.
Kim Maggiotto
Kim Maggiotto
07:42 29 Jan 23
Polite, punctual and professional. We have found our new electricians!
trent eveleigh
trent eveleigh
01:25 29 Jan 23
Fantastic company.I highly recommend theses guys for any electrical services you require.Thank you again Josh !Absolutely fantastic company, and price.Josh your commitment to your services are second to none
jon hartley
jon hartley
08:04 10 Nov 22
Great service , punctual , professional , knowledgeable. Have used Smartlec on a number of occasions and am extremely happy with the work.
Kerry Stewart
Kerry Stewart
07:40 10 Nov 22
What a great experience, I had some electrical work needed doing, I rang Smartlec… most times you cant get someone to come on the day, but they sent an electrician within a couple of hours!, now thats service! I fully recommend them.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson
07:15 10 Nov 22
Knowledgeable tradesmen and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend 100%

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