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Only certified Level 2 electricians like Smartlec can work on your property’s mains connection. This is the cabling that feeds into your switchboard and comes from the mains supply outside. It is illegal for anyone unqualified to work on these types of jobs as it requires specialised skills and qualifications due to the dangers involved.

Consumer mains cables can fail over time, especially older properties using VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber) cables which fail and are nearly all past their lifespan. Issues arise from the cable being too thin to meet the power required and the cable itself failing due to decay which can cause many issues and hazards.

Many properties have issues with their mains supply and you may be issued with an electrical defect notice from Ausgrid meaning you only have 21 days to resolve the issue so you should speak to a licensed Level 2 electrician like Smartlec asap.

Old Consumer Mains Dangers

These old outdated cables can cause the following serious problems and hazards:

  • Electrocution
  • Electrical fires
  • Short circuits
  • Power outages


Old Consumer Mains Types and Sizes

The old style cables raged from 6mm to 16mm with commercial cables 16mm and higher. This is a serious issue when switchboards are upgraded requiring more power which can cause an overload to the cable which is very dangerous. For example, a 6mm cable is rated at only 40 amps which can easily be exceeded in modern homes. Old cables will already have degraded insulation (VIR cables) on top of this so it’s vital to have your consumer mains upgraded. Anything that’s over 45 years old should be replaced asap.

New Consumer Mains Solution

Modern consumer mains feeds now use XLPE cabling (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) which is the safest and most modern type available. These are not for commercial buildings and have a maximum size of 16mm but are much more durable and will have a very long lifespan of 46 - 60 years but is also stronger, less prone to decay, works at higher departures etc.

XLPE cabling is better and safer in every measurable way and can handle higher voltages. This work is for Level 2 electricians like Smartlec only.

House or Building Consumer Mains Installation

There are 2 options for installation, using the roof cavity from the overhead supply or underground from a private pole inside the property or from the green transformer box on the street. Some other things need to be considered though:

  • General installation time is around ten weeks
  • At least three weeks prior are required for quoting and inspections
  • A professional electrical consultant or contractor is also required in the process as well. A single line diagram, as well as a site plan, are also needed

Consumer Mains Installation Costs

Costs will vary drastically from situation to situation but below are some guidelines from national averages. You should always call Smartlec for an accurate and detailed quote in writing for this type of work.

  • Application fee is approx $495
  • Design fees can be from $1300 to $6k plus for anything complex
  • Construction will vary greatly and depend on the actual land
  • Cancellation fees also apply but vary depending on how far into the process the job is at the time

Why Choose Smartlec as Your Local Electricians?

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Mountain Made Construction
Mountain Made Construction
22:55 01 Jun 23
Approached Josh from Smartlec to work alongside us in a renovation at Swansea, awesome team to deal with. Will be approaching them for future work
George Salem
George Salem
08:51 27 Apr 23
Jason P.
Jason P.
22:04 26 Apr 23
Josh and his team are amazing, they have helped me a few times over the years. They are very professional (arrive when they say they will arrive, time management, pricing and service), they will work with you to achieve the best outcome and they are very easy to communicate with.Basically a great team and highly recommended.
Veronica Sestic
Veronica Sestic
01:32 24 Apr 23
A fabulous service provider. Always willing and available to help with any electrical service.
John Kathner
John Kathner
04:00 22 Apr 23
Required an EV Charger installed. The job was done within 24 hours of me receiving the charger.The work done was neat, the installer pleasant and polite and the job site left clean. Highly recommended.
Kim Maggiotto
Kim Maggiotto
07:42 29 Jan 23
Polite, punctual and professional. We have found our new electricians!
trent eveleigh
trent eveleigh
01:25 29 Jan 23
Fantastic company.I highly recommend theses guys for any electrical services you require.Thank you again Josh !Absolutely fantastic company, and price.Josh your commitment to your services are second to none
jon hartley
jon hartley
08:04 10 Nov 22
Great service , punctual , professional , knowledgeable. Have used Smartlec on a number of occasions and am extremely happy with the work.
Kerry Stewart
Kerry Stewart
07:40 10 Nov 22
What a great experience, I had some electrical work needed doing, I rang Smartlec… most times you cant get someone to come on the day, but they sent an electrician within a couple of hours!, now thats service! I fully recommend them.
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson
07:15 10 Nov 22
Knowledgeable tradesmen and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend 100%

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